Lasting tributes, passionate supporters and unforgettable moments now have the perfect setting. Add your name or personal message to the new Hibernian landmark – The East Terrace and become part of the fabric of Easter Road Stadium forever.
Carefully selected dark green granite stones will be installed to the central section of the East Stand exterior, creating ‘The East Terrace’ which will form an iconic permanent feature of Easter Road Stadium. 

The East Terrace has been designed to enable supporters to literally become part of our stadium and will form a lasting tribute to famous players, passionate supporters and unforgettable moments.

The development has been designed to echo the irregular charm of the old ‘East Terrace’ and each stone will be carefully sited within a loose grid to create an impressive and organic show of support for Hibernian.

There are three size options available to ensure that all members of the Hibernian family can unite in their support. Each stone is personalised enabling you to choose your own specific message.

From today you can purchase your stone within The East Terrace, take your place beside members of the Hibernian Hall of Fame and become part of Easter Road Stadium and Hibernian’s history forever.